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Reflect 365

Reflect 365 is a daily reflective journal. It features journal prompts which fall under 12 themes: happiness, love and relationships, health and self-care, purpose and motivation, getting to know yourself, resilience, dream big, success and failure, looking back, this or that, gratitude, and this year and next.

You may choose to answer a question per day. Or, as it is undated, you can choose to complete this journal at your own pace.

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Oh hi! I'm Emma

I started Plan Inspire Create in 2019 after leaving my job as a Social Worker due to burnout. I have chronic health difficulties, and had recently been diagnosed as autistic. I felt like I was surviving rather than really living, and I knew I needed to make some big changes.

Fast forward to today and running Plan Inspire Create is really helping me to find myself again. I love designing planner and self care goodies, connecting with others and creating video tutorials that help and inspire. At the heart of everything I do is a focus on self-care and positive support.

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    Self-Care Together is perfect for planner and stationery lovers who want more self-care in their lives. If you join, you will have access to our facebook group, as well as a whole host of exclusive monthly rewards.

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    On my YouTube channel you'll find videos relating to planning and self-care. I share my goal planning process and you can follow my journey to trying to live happier and healthier.

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    My shop features planners and stickers that will help keep you organised, so that you can spend more time on things you truly enjoy. I also like to create stationery with positive messages.

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