What’s behind planner love?

What’s behind planner love?

This Valentine’s Day I thought it was only right we celebrated our true love – planning! So, I reached out to my fellow planners and asked them to let me know their reasons for planner love. Here are our reasons:


To express creativity and feel enjoyment

We find enjoyment in the time we spend with our planners. It allows us to use stationery and supplies that make us feel joy, and it allows us to express our creativity. We also become inspired by seeing other people’s creativity.

“It’s a time for me to get creative and use my organizational skills 😊"
“Allows me to remember everything I need to while using all my stationery as I’m a massive stationery addict. Also relaxes me and is satisfying looking back on previous weeks.”
“I love that I get to do a little craft everyday when I fill it in! 🙂"


To manage anxiety and to feel in control

Planning can help people to manage anxiety if this is something they experience. Planning out my week helps me prepare for what lies ahead and what is expected of me. It also means I can get thoughts and plans out of my head and onto paper. This helps me quieten my thoughts and reduce worries about potentially forgetting to do things.

Another planning side-effect is feeling like you have your life in order. Like you have established a plan and know where you’re going. This is calming and reassuring.

“I have anxiety, so writing things down helps me keep focus.”
“It makes me feel like I have my life together … for a moment 😂"
“Makes me feel like I have my life in order, don’t care that it’s only in order on paper 🤣.”
“Having my life written out in a rainbow of colors with a handful of stickers makes me feel in control.”
“I love to write things down. Makes me feel like I have my life together”


To focus our lives and work towards our goals

This is so important for personal development and helping us lead the lives we want to live. If you follow my Just 90 planner videos, you’ll know I created a personalised life plan, including goals to help me work towards a more ideal life for me. My planners really help me keep on track with this.

“I love planning because it keeps me organized.”
“I keep timelines, quarterly goals, vision boards, etc. It reminds me what’s important in the moment, and also allows me to plan for my future in a more organized manner.”


To feel accomplished

The sense of achievement you can feel from planners is a great thing. We can all be guilty of focussing on the things we never got round to achieving, but planners can help you see achievements and progress.

“My favorite thing is writing down things I’ve already done just so I can check them off! #accomplishments”


To capture our memories

Memory keeping is a really lovely use of planners. We can look back and see how we’ve grown, and make sure we don’t forget the moments (no matter how small) that made our day.

“Because the memories of my life are there. What I did, who I saw and how I participated in the day to day events of myself and others. I am a mother of two and a grandma of six and I keep track of their lives as well.”

“I use my planner more to document my days than to plan.”


To make friends

This might not be something people think of straight away. But the planner community is amazing! The encouragement and support of each other is lovely to see. And it’s a great feeling to interact with others who share your interests.

“I love the friends I've made within the community. Been in it for roughly five years and when I get into a planner funk my awesome friends always remind me in the power of journaling, time managing, and staying connected.”


Final thoughts

There are so many reasons for planner love, which means it can be appealing to so many different types of people.

Have I missed your reason? Let me know in the comments below your reasons for planner love.

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