Emma Fox, Plan Inspire Create

I started Plan Inspire Create in 2019 after leaving my job as a Social Worker due to burnout. I have chronic physical and mental health difficulties, and had recently been diagnosed as Autistic. I felt like I was surviving rather than really living and I knew I needed to make some big changes.

Fast forward to today and running Plan Inspire Create is really helping me to find myself again. I love designing planner and self care goodies, connecting with others and creating video tutorials that help and inspire. I also run The Cosy Cafe – an encouraging community space over on patreon where we share tips and support one another, and where I share a whole host of exclusive monthly rewards. At the heart of everything I do is a focus on self-care and positive support.

When I’m not working at Plan Inspire Create you can find me playing cute video games, learning the ukulele or taking walks with my best dog friend Maggie.