Emma's favourite gifts

Hi, I'm Emma and I run Plan Inspire Create. For the holidays, I've put together a list of my favourite things: gifts for your loved ones, and gifts for yourself (because you work so hard trying to make the holidays special for others!).

I'd love to know what's on your own wishlist!

For the one who needs to get organised

These are my favourite products for getting yourself organised, and perfect for those new to planning as well as more experienced planner fans!

  • Daily planner pad

    Features a timed daily plan as well as space to record today's priority. You can then list tasks to do once you've finished your priority and capture any notes from the day!

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  • Build your own planner

    Available in A5 and A6 size. You choose the colour, fonts and paper to be included. And you can also get 25% off any additional planner inserts making it completely customisable!

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For the one who loves to learn and grow

The Reflect 365 reflective journal is a new product I'm really proud of and I can't wait to start using it myself in the new year!

  • Reflect 365

    Reflect 365 is a daily reflective journal. It features journal prompts which fall under 12 themes: happiness, love and relationships, health and self-care, purpose and motivation, getting to know yourself, resilience, dream big, success and failure, looking back, this or that, gratitude, and this year and next.

    You may choose to answer a question per day. Or, as it is undated, you can choose to complete this journal at your own pace.

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For the one who wants to achieve big things

If you're looking to achieve big things in 2023, these two products could definitely help you along the way

  • Just 90 planner

    Want to make significant progress towards your goals in Just 90 days? This planner guides you through the entire process from deciding what your goals should be, to reviewing your achievements and deciding what to work on next!

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  • Habit tracker pad

    For those wanting to make changes and introduce new habits into their lives, this weekly habit tracker pad can help keep you on track.

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For the one in need of a self-care mantra

The phrase One Day at a Time means so much to me. It has helped me through some difficult days, and continues to help me on my journey. So I wanted to share it with others.

  • One day at a time washi tape

    Washi tapes have so many functional uses, as well as being a pretty way to decorate your planners and journals. I like to think this one is extra special as it gives you a little reminder to take care of yourself each time you see it.

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  • One day at a time enamel pin

    This gorgeous gold enamel pin encourages you to practice self care and take each day as it comes. It's perfect for adding to your favourite pencil case, bag, or clothing item, or to display as cute inspirational art.

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For the neurodiverse one

Being autistic myself, I love creating products for my fellow neurodiverse peeps!

  • Neurodiversity powers the world

    Available as a postcard, sticker, or as a set. This illustration celebrates all that are neurodiverse and the contribution we make to the world around us.

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  • Stim proud!

    This sticker promotes pride in stimming - repetitive or rhythmic behaviours that feel soothing, calming and comforting. It has a holographic overlay and so it sparkles as the light hits it.

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And my favourite stocking fillers!

When you need a little something for someone special, these gifts could be just the ticket!

  • Mini desk calendar

    Features 12 monthly calendar cards, each with a quote relating to planning and productivity. A cute and functional addition to any desk!

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  • Custom pet stickers

    Perfect for pet lovers, get a sheet of stickers featuring your very own furry friend! Just send through your favourite picture and let me do the rest!

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  • Note to self stickers

    These cute little stickers feature kind reminders to look after your body and mind and to let you know how important you are.

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  • Narwhal affirmation sticker

    Narwhals are also called 'the unicorn of the sea' and people often don't realise they're actually real! So this sticker features the quote "be so amazing they think you're a myth".

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  • Paper boat washi tape

    Stationery fans have been loving the tribute to paper with this origami boat design. There is a matching notebook and sticker too!

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  • The seal of approval button badge

    There are 5 under the sea button badges to collect but this is my favourite. It features the 'seal of approval' telling you to go for it!

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I hope you love the gifts in this guide just as much as me. And if you have any questions about these or other products, I am always a message away. Just click the chat button at the bottom of the page to say hi!